Adult IQ & Cognitive Assessments in a personalised and friendly service

  • Intellectual ability/IQ
  • Executive Functioning
  • Emotional/Behavioural functioning
  • ADHD / Inattention / Impulsivity
  • Memory Functioning

Sydney Adult Testing is a specialised service providing IQ and cognitive testing for adults.

We are dedicated to providing a comfortable and supportive testing environment.
A cognitive assessment for adults evaluates how your brain functions and can help you identify and solve difficulties in daily living by assessing:
  • Intellectual ability/IQ

  • Intellectual disability/Adaptive functioning

  • Attention and concentration (hyperactivity, impulsivity, inattention)

  • Memory functioning

  • Executive function (planning, organisation, problem solving, time management)

  • Emotional functioning (anxiety, depression)

*Note, we dont offer assessments related to head trauma, dementia, or other  neurodegenerative conditions typically seen in older age.

Contact us to
discuss your assessment queries for testing at our Lane Cove office

Reasons for an assessment include:




Memory Concerns


ADHD, Inattention
& Impulsivity


Cognitive Ability


Assessment for
learning difficulties

(e.g., struggles with spelling, written work, maths and/or reading)


Behavioural Difficulties


Emotional Difficulties

How we work

  • Assessment process

    Our assessment process draws on a person's social-emotional, occupational, developmental, and educational history via a clinical assessment form, test results and observations on the day.

  • Results & recommendations

    We debrief regarding performance on the day of testing and provide a detailed written report with results and recommendations in 2-3 weeks’ time

  • Follow up support

    We are available for telephone/email advice with flexible times, Monday to Saturday