Adult IQ & Cognitive Assessments in a personalised and friendly service

  • Intellectual ability/IQ
  • Executive Functioning
  • Emotional/Behavioural functioning
  • ADHD / Inattention / Impulsivity
  • Memory Functioning

Sydney Adult Testing is a specialised service providing IQ and cognitive testing for adults.

We are dedicated to providing a comfortable and supportive testing environment.
A cognitive assessment for adults evaluates how your brain functions and can help you identify and solve difficulties in daily living by assessing:
  •  Intellectual ability

  • Attention and concentration (hyperactivity, impulsivity, inattention)

  • Memory functioning

  • Executive function (planning, organisation, problem solving, time management)

  • Emotional functioning (anxiety, depression)

Contact us to
discuss your assessment queries for testing at our Beecroft or Lane Cove office

Reasons for an assessment include:




Memory Loss


ADHD, Inattention
& Impulsivity


Cognitive Ability


Assessment for
learning difficulties

(e.g., struggles with spelling, written work, maths and/or reading)


Behavioural Difficulties


Emotional Difficulties

How we work

  • Assessment process

    Our assessment process draws on a person's social-emotional, occupational, developmental, and educational history via a clinical assessment form, test results and observations on the day.

  • Results & recommendations

    We debrief regarding performance on the day of testing and provide a detailed written report with results and recommendations in 2-3 weeks’ time

  • Follow up support

    We are available for telephone/email advice with flexible times, Monday to Saturday