Reasons for Testing

We provide a range of cognitive, academic, emotional/behavioural, and neuropsychological tests depending on the clients reported cognitive difficulties. The test results can then be used to:

  • Identify a person’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses in specific areas.
  • Differentiate among possible causes for cognitive difficulties, which can then direct appropriate treatment (e.g., to differentiate between ADHD, Specific Learning Disorder, and anxiety symptoms).
  • To establish a ‘baseline’ of cognitive skills/weaknesses in order to measure change in the future.
  • To plan for treatment; to use strengths to compensate for weaknesses (e.g., to remediate attentional difficulties with visual learning aids).
  • Assess everyday adaptive functioning skills to plan for assistance or treatment (e.g., impact on memory in managing money or driving).

Note: We do not assess clients for compensation matters or provide medico-legal / forensic reports.

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